terça-feira, 1 de julho de 2008

Whitesnake, Live in Porto Alegre, Brazil

11 de maio de 2008
Teatro Bourbon Country
Porto Alegre, Brazil

This is a bootleg from Porto Alegre, South of Brazil, with good quality.
You're Welcome, all of you from Europe.Thanx so much.
Sergio Duarte, is the uploader, from Rio de Janeiro.
Soon, here, the complete links for the Rockflu, web radio with rock, football & Blues, when Sergio shows his talent.

Mais uma contribuição de Sergio Duarte, impossível de agradecer de outra forma, a não ser re compartilhando.
01 Intro
02 Best Years
03 Fool For Your Loving
04 Bad Boys
05 Can You Hear the Wind Blow
06 Love Ain’t No Stranger
07 Lay Down Your Love
08 Is This Love
09 Guitar Solo/Jam
10 Crying In The Rain (incl. Drum solo)
11 Band Introduction
12 Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
13 Guity Of Love
14 Give Me All Your Love
15 Here I Go Again
16 Still Of The Night
17 Soldier Of Fortune
18 Burn (incl. Stormbringer chorus)

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